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Sep 27, 2013

Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Cancer

October is Cancer Awareness Month. Below is a list of ways you can prevent cancer and/or prevent a reoccurrence of cancer.  Twelve million cancer survivors are at risk of developing a reoccurrence or secondary cancers.  

Looking at the research I listed some of the lifestyle changes that are the most effective in preventing cancer.   

1).  Do Not Smoke.  Two thirds of the individuals diagnosed with cancer still smoke.  Smoking increases one’s risk for secondary cancers, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, emphysema and COPD.

2). Stay away from second hand smoke.  Second hand smoke can be worse than smoking.  Even being around smokers outside increases one’s risk for cancer.  Lung cancer has increased over the years with non smokers.

3).  Exercise one hour five times a week.  Exercise will increase your energy, physical strength, lift your mood and lower your stress levels.  Exercise will also prevent, breast, colon, prostate cancers.

4). Avoid weight gain. Excess weight increases one’s risk for breast, colon and prostate cancers,  diabetes and heart disease.

5).  Eat a healthy diet. Organic is preferred.  One should eat five to twelve servings of vegetables a day and two to three fruits. Vegetable and fruits are where we get our vitamins and minerals. Protein with each meal is our energy source.

6).  Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all.  As little as one drink a day can increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer by thirty percent. Moderation means drinking two or three days a week, one to two glasses of alcohol.

7).  Stay connected to family, friends and other cancer survivors if you have had cancer. Having a good social support can improve one’s quality of life and reduce stress, depression and fatigue.

8). Limit your intake of grilled, broiled and fried foods. These methods of cooking increase your risk for breast, colon and prostate cancers.

9). Get screening tests and go to regular checkups.  This means:

  • Doing a regular monthly breast exam.
  • Getting a yearly or biyearly mammogram if always normal.
  • Getting a colonoscopy after the age of fifty.
  • Getting a prostate exam at the age of fifty.

It is always best to prevent cancer rather than to treat. We all need to take charge of our own health. 
Dr. Deborah Wiancek, a naturopathic physician works at the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic & Natural Pharmacy.  Any questions please e-mail or call 970-926-7606.  For more info check out her website at or blog or twitter