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Jun 16, 2014

Fruit Anthocyanins


What are Fruit Anthocyanins? 

Our Fruit Anthocyanins are an organic dark fruit and berry concentrate designed by Dr. William Mitchell, who pioneered its use as a powerful tool in promoting health.  Over the years he modified his blend to achieve optimal clinical health benefits.  This product is his final formulation, which he used in thousands of patients for a wide variety of health concerns.

Many scientific studies have been conducted around the world, which have shown that the particular fruit and berries contained in this blend — Red Grape, Elderberry, Blueberry, Aronia Berry, Pomegranate, and Red Raspberry — have extraordinary health benefits.  Many of the promising research areas for human health applications are listed below:

Erectile Dysfunction
Eye Conditions
Gastrointestinal Conditions
Nerve Conditions
Cardiovascular Diseases
Pulmonary Conditions
Connective Tissue Health
Skin Health
Dental Health
Urinary Conditions

Cardiovascular disease: The flavonoids are helpful in protecting the heart. Since 1995 I have had virtually no incidence of repeat cardiac events in patients who have had heart attacks. It is essential medicine for heart attack recovers. I also use it for patients who have heart disease in their family histories.
Arterial disease: Arteritis, vascular disease with compromised peripheral circulation,phlebitis, and varicosities have all improved. Some of these cases are actually quiteremarkable. I have had no diabetic patients needing to undergo amputation as a result ofcompromised peripheral circulation since using the berry flavonoids.
Diabetes: Using a tablespoonful of flavonoids in a large glass of water daily has resulted in lower blood sugar levels.  Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that the flavonoids are particularly helpful with.  Here again, the flavonoids in a large glass of water consumed with a meal twice daily.
Macular degeneration:  I have had 6 cases of macular degeneration that have healed using the flavonoids. I am particularly excited about this application of the flavonoids.
Pulmonary fibrosis:  The cases I have treated have recovered a great deal of energy and liveliness.  They have less shortness of breath and are actually able to take walks again.  An established case of pulmonary fibrosis where the breathing is severly compromised is considered progressive and terminal.  Given this, I am very pleased to see progression slowed and even stopped in some cases.  Follow up in these cases is currently ongoing.
Cancer:  Studies on the organic acids in the pigments are interesting, such as ellagic acid from raspberries.  I use the flavonoids in all of my cancer patients as a protective nutrient.

I have seen some amazing results with these concentrated fruit anthocyanins they are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.  If you are interested in trying them please stop by my office or call to order 970-926-7606.