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Jun 13, 2014

Nine Steps to Better Health Experts Want Men to Know

On average, men live 5 years less than women.  According to experts, if men were to pay attention to these nine things they would have better health and potentially narrow the longevity gap.

  1. There is no Shame in Depression. It is a real physiological event, says certified athletic trainer Ken Locker. Men tend to think it's better to tough it out because they don't want to talk about it: "It might make things worse," or "I'm admitting weakness." Action: Talk to your family doctor who can recommend a professional counselor.
  2. Yoga isn’t just a girl thing. Men should aim for cardio and muscle building exercise.  Yoga is great as you age because it helps with balance.
    Action: Ask friends for recommendations, and then try a class.
  3. “No pain, no gain” is a none-sense.  Certified chiropractor, Logan Sherman has witnessed plenty of examples of the falsity of this silly saying.  Sherman stated that his male patients are guilty of pushing past the minor things that could be caught at an earlier stage, and turning them into an injury.
    Action: If you feel a twinge, rest. For plantar fasciitis, avoid going barefoot. Roll a tennis ball, golf ball or frozen water bottle under the foot several times a day. If the pain persists, check with your doctor
  4.  Certain cancer screenings are imperative. “Prostate cancer is “the easiest cancer to kill if it’s detected,” Locker says. But men, of course, would happily skip that part of a physical, he says.  Another villain is colon cancer, which can be detected early, he says. “Men tend not to want to know, or to think they don’t have any problems.”
    Action: Schedule the screenings, for crying out loud.
  5. You don’t need a gym to be fit.  “Gravity,” Locker says, “was the first gym ever invented.”
    Action:  What to do: Pushups, crunches and squats can be done anywhere. Ditto for walking.
  6.  You don’t know what to do at the gym“What men do that’s the biggest problem in exercise is not asking for help,” O’Bryant says. “It’s like that asking for directions thing. I go to the gym, and see people there for the first time and they think they automatically know what they’re doing. But they’re probably doing it wrong.”
    Action: What to do: Use a trainer. Most gyms offer a free session with membership.
  7. Sunscreen isn’t for wusses. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the incidence of melanoma is higher in women than men until age 45. By age 60, though, rates are twice as high. 
    Action: What to do: Use a zinc or titanium based face cream with SPF of at least 15, Locker says.  And Schedule a skin check at least once a year.
  8. Exercising isn’t a free license to eat anything. “Men who are successful getting into physical activity often think that’s enough,” O’Bryant says. “‘I work out so I can eat what I want.’ ‘I work out so I can drink whatever I want
    Action: Think moderation. Also remember that diet “is not only related to heart health, but intimately related to brain health,” O’Bryant says. “It’s very, very powerful.”