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Jun 16, 2014

The Craniosacral Treatment

Craniosacral Treatment: What to Expect

Your clinician will have you lie on a table on your back.  You may wish to be covered with a sheet or blanket.  Even though you will remain fully clothed, the relaxing nature of the treatment may make you feel a little cold.  The clinician will then palpate (i.e. examine the CS rhythm by touch) by placing her/his hands on your head then your sacrum.  You may be asked to shift your body slightly from time to time, but there is no other way that you need to be involved except to relax and enjoy the treatment.  An attempt will be made to keep the room quiet and darkened to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.  The clinician will use a very gentle light touch.  She/he may move your head from time to time as she/he applies her/his hands to the different bones of the skull, but these movements will be gentle.  The clinician will apply very light pressure as she/he attempts to release the restrictions she/he has felt.

The clinician will also use her/his hands on your abdomen and chest to release restrictions of the fascia at these points.  She/he may also return to the sacrum from gentle release of restrictions there.  More advanced clinicians may feel the CS rhythm in the body fascia by lightly holding your feet, your knees or your shoulders or by very lightly stretching your neck upwards.  For facial bones that are more easily accessible through the mouth, the clinician may place a gloved finger into your mouth and very gently move these bones.  This technique would be explained in detail to you before it is done.  There are no surprises and should be no discomfort.  If discomfort is experienced, you should let the clinician know at once so she/he may adjust the pressure or location of her/his hands.

You may feel yourself drifting off into a sort of sleep or you may drift off into a sound sleep.  This is normal and you should allow yourself this level of relaxation.  The treatment can take anywhere from  45 to 60 minutes depending on how extensive it needs to be.  Your clinician can explain to you afterwards what she/he felt and what releases were obtained if you wish to know.  You may feel a little “spacey” afterwards.  You will probably be very relaxed and may wish to sit in the waiting area before going on to your next activity.  If you have never had a craniosacral treatment it is a great treatment especially for headaches, pain, misalignment, stress, concussions, anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain and depression.  

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