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Aug 26, 2010

The Link Between an Unfavorable Lifestyle and Recurrent Headaches Among Adolescents

Researchers in Norway created a study to examine the relationship between recurrent headache disorders (migraines, and tension headaches), and lifestyle factors (overweight, low physical activity, and smoking), among adolescents. Over 5000 students in Norway were interviewed about headache complaints and completed a comprehensive questionnaire including items concerning physical activity and smoking. Each participant also had a clinical examination with height and weight measurements.

Adolescents with high physical activity who were not current smokers and not overweight were classified as having a good lifestyle status. These students were compared to those with 1 or more of the negative lifestyle factors present in regard to headache diagnosis and frequency. The study showed that overweight, smoking, or low physical activity are independently and in combination associated with recurrent headaches among adolescents. The higher combination of these risk factors leads to increased risks.

Dr. Kerry Ferguson