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Nov 9, 2010

Naturopathic Medicine is Cost Effective

"A Focus on Diet, Supplements, and Lifestyle"

A Canadian study showed the the employee's of the Canada Post at risk for cardiovascular disease found that naturopathic treatment produced an overall $1,025 cost benefit per participate.
The participates were provided individual plans with a focus on dietary, supplements and lifestyle. This included a diet of whole foods, exercise at least 30 mins 5 times a week, stress reduction and fish oil supplements. 
Total cost of naturopathic treatment for one year of healthy living was $1,477 compared to $6631 for high blood pressure medication, $6134 for statin drugs, stop smoking program $4238 to $7829 and $626 for aspirin. With the naturopathic approach participants gained seven additional work days compared to 2 days with conventional medicine.
The study showed that 3.3 out of 100 workers will avoid a major cardiac event that they would have suffered without any form of lifetime intervention.