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Feb 21, 2014

9 Tips for a Cleansing Spring Detox

Simple daily changes to your diet and lifestyle can add up to major health improvements, more energy, balanced moods, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Spring is the perfect time to do a detox and give our bodies a break, as we have been breathing in poor indoor air quality, had less sunlight, and our immune system has been working hard to fight of various viruses throughout the season. These tips will help get you started feeling healthy and refreshed this spring.

1.  Cut out the 3 Ps from your Diet- That is, processed, prepared and packaged food.  These tend to be full of trans fats, sugar and food additives.
2.  Cut back on Meat and Dairy- Meat is hard for the body to digest and can be a strain on the kidneys and intestines.  Dairy is mucus-forming and many people lack sufficient enzymes to properly digest it.
3. Overload on veggies- Enjoy a fresh vegetable juice, a large green salad or a plate of steamed, roasted or stir-fried veggies. The goal should be to make at least 70% of every meal vegetables.

4. Eat Frequent and Simple-.  Small, simple meals eaten throughout the day balance blood sugar levels and put less of a burden on your digestive system.  Unstable blood sugar levels coincide with weight gain and mood and energy fluctuations.

5. Give your Body an Herbal Boost- Dandelion and uva ursi can help restore the kidneys, milk thistle can detoxify the liver, flaxseed can help exliminate toxic material from the intestines and sea buckthorn extract powder can help regenerate the lungs.

6. Relax in the Tub- Add a cup of Epsom salts or baking soda. Both alkalize the water and neutralize acidic toxins.  Epsom salts help your body to absorb magnesium–a mineral some experts estimate is deficient in 80 percent of people.  Magnesium also relaxes the muscles and is required by hundreds of functions. Soke for 20 minutes or more.

7. Flush Out Toxins with Plenty of Filtered Water- For a really great detoxifying drink, add fresh lemon juice to a large glass of filtered water first thing in the morning and drink it either warm or room temperature. Lemons contain more than 20 anti-cancer compounds and help cleanse your liver, kidneys and colon.

8.  Eat more Legumes- Ad a half cup of cooked legumes (beans) to your daily diet to boost your fiber and nutrient intake and balance your blood sugar levels-one of the keys to balanced energy and weight.
9.  Get Moving-. Exercise revitalizes you and your organs and tissues by bringing fresh oxygenated blood, and improving circulation.