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Apr 18, 2014

Pitta Dosha


Pitta represents the biological elements of fire and water.  Pitta has the qualities of hot, moist, light, fluid, sour smelling, sharp, intense, and penetrating.  It governs all heat, metabolism, and transformation in the mind and body.  It controls how we digest foods, ideas, and sensory perceptions.  It governs the all-important digestive agni’s or fires in the body.

Characteristics of Pitta Type
-Moderate build/ muscular                                   
-Tendency of irritability and anger
-Aversion to hot weather                                      
-Good speaker
-Sharp hunger and digestion                                  
-Enterprising, sharp in character
-Can’t skip meals                                                 
-Tendency for reddish complexion, hair, moles, and freckles

Imbalanced Pitta
Physical Manifestations
-Sharply increased hunger or thirst                          
-Increased acidity, heartburn, ulcers
-Intolerance to heat                                                
- Sunburn, sunstroke
-Skin inflammations and rashes                              
-Hot flashes   
-Bloodshot eyes                                                    
-Sour body odors                                                  
-Bad breath
-Rectal burning, hemorrhoids                                  
-Dark yellow feces and urine
Psychological Manifestations
-Hostile behavior                                                    
-Criticism (of self/others)
-Arrogant argumentation                                          
-Aggressive, domineering behavior

Guidelines for Balancing Pitta

-Seek coolness in all forms (through diet, herbs, being in nature, keeping thermostat below 70 degrees when you sleep, not lingering in the hot bath too long, etc)  
-Eat a Pitta-reducing diet
-Eat whenever hungry
-Drink Pitta balancing tea, available at the River Walk Natural Health Clinic & Natural Pharmacy
-Use herbs and spices that are Pitta-reducing:
  • Cooling spices
  • Gentian root, mint leaves, mild laxatives (psyllium seed or flax seed)
  • Triphala (amla, bibhitaki, haritaki)
  • Be attentive to taking in only pure food, water, and air (since Pitta is especially sensitive to impurities of any kind)
  • Avoid alcohol and artificial stimulants (both of which are like throwing kerosene on a fire)
  • Avoid strenuous physical exercise or overheating yourself outdoors
  • Take time to wind down from activity; alternating rest and activity is the basic rhythm of life
  • Meditate
  • Try cooling breathing exercises
            1. Open your mouth to form an “O” shape.
2. With your mouth in this position, form a funnel with your tongue and place it between your lips.
3. Slowly inhale through your tongue, swallow the breath, and feel the
breath in your heart.
4. Relax your tongue and mouth, then exhale through your mouth.
5. Repeat this exercise for three minutes, twice daily. 

Healing mantra: “let go”