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Sep 17, 2018

Are You On Way Too Many Drugs Or Supplements?

I find that many of my patients have been taking the same drug for ten or more years. After that period of time the drug may not even be working for them. Too often once a doctor puts a patient on a drug, no one ever reviews if they should be still taking the same medication. I often find this with high blood pressure medication. When I check the patient’s blood pressure often it is still high even though they have been on their medication for years. Therefore, it is important to get to the cause of your health problem. The average sixty-year-old is on five to ten different medications per day ( Many of these medications can interact with each other and cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Therefore, one should be reviewing their medications with each doctor visit because many of these medications can be causing side effects. (Note that one-third of US adults may unknowingly use medications that can cause depression or increase the risk of suicide: Polypharmacy on the rise.

Many patients also take a lot of herbs and vitamins that are not needed. I have had patients come in for a visit with shopping bags full of supplements that they have seen on the internet or were recommended by the clerk at the health food store. I do not recommend patients taking herbs and vitamins unless absolutely necessary for their health issues.  Everyone should not be on the same supplement regime. With each visit, I review all medications and supplements that patients should or should not be on. I find that many medications can be causing the person’s current health issue.  I have worked with many patients to get them off whatever medications that are not necessary – in coordination with any other physician a patient sees. Again, just because a doctor prescribed a drug ten years ago does not mean it is working today.

Deborah Wiancek, N.D.