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Jun 24, 2010

Link between Cancer and Sunscreen

Recently the FDA has raised concern over products used in sunscreens. In particular, one of the products making the rounds of public awareness is an ingredient called retinyl palmitate. This is a synthetic form of vitamin A used in products for its anti-aging effects. Retinyl palmitate is converted in the body to its natural form, retinol, which is used by the cells. The study on this compound was actually published in 2005. In the study they used retinyl palmitate on cells and exposed them to high levels of UV radiation. It was found that cells covered in retinyl palmitate when exposed to UV light showed an increase in tumor growth. Natural retinoids are known for their cancer protective elements. In general, retinoids are applied at night due to their sun sensitizing effects; therefore there really is no reason for them to be included in sunscreens that are worn during the day. There is much study that needs to be done in this area.

Dr. Kerry Ferguson