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Jul 2, 2010

FDA Finds Lead in All Lipsticks Tested

The FDA tested lead in 22 brands of lipstick last year, and found lead in every single one of them. It is estimated that the average woman inadvertently consumes four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. According to a report from Florida’s Department of Health there is no amount of lead in the blood that is safe. Even low levels of lead in the body have been linked to developmental delays, aggression, hyperactivity, brain damage, learning disorders, and more. Newborns are regularly found to have lead in their umbilical cord. Lead is found many places in our environment including paints, plastics, PVC, inks, dyes, building materials, and various consumer products. The concern with lipstick is its application directly on the body, and lips are more porous than even our skin. The lipstick with the highest level of lead had 34 times more lead than the lipstick with the lowest level.

Dr. Kerry Ferguson