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Oct 10, 2013

Detoxification : Why Cleanse?

Feeling low on energy? Having aches and pains, digestive or skin problems? Having trouble kicking off weight loss? 

It may be time to cleanse your body through a detoxification program

Detoxification means many different things to many people. Generally speaking it is a relatively modern term, related to modern lifestyles. One hundred plus years ago the human race didn't have to worry about ingesting pesticides, breathing carbon monoxide, or cooking with plastics. In those times people tended to grow their own food from a garden or raise their own animals, they worked and sweated doing physical labor, and there weren't any vehicles's exhaust fumes to pollute the are. They were naturally de-toxing all the time. In contrast, our modern civilization bodies can have a hard time getting rid of chemicals in our systems as we continuously bombard or overload it.

So Why Cleanse?

Detoxification promotes cleansing by minimizing exposure to new toxicants, by keeping the pathways of elimination free as possible, and by making abundant detoxifying nutrients available. It is designed to reduce inflammatory processes within the body. Detoxification is essential in maintaining health and should be done periodically throughout the year. Its purpose is to give the body a break from chemicals and toxins that is has to process and cleanse on a daily basis.

We live in an extremely toxic world that makes it impossible to completely avoid eating, drinking, breathing, and physically coming in contact with toxins. An extension of toxic sources may include electromagnetic radiation and skin care products.

Who Needs Detoxification?

Most everyone does at sometime, well unless you are living as a Tibetan monk on the top of a hill, eating organic foods, and living off the land. Detoxification can assist the body in many disease processes- so a person that has allergies, fatigue, chronic pain, neurological problems, heart disease, arthritis, or would like to reach optimal health, may benefit from a detox program. 

Below are a list of additional common symptoms of toxicity:

- Fatigue, anxiety, depression
- Allergies, frequent infections
- Weight gain, trouble losing weight
- Joint pain, muscle weakness
- Brain fog, memory loss, inability to focus
- Indigestion, constipation, dirrhea, gas
- Skin rashes, skin eruptions/acne
- Recurrent yeast/ fungal infections

What Will a Clinical Detox Program Include?

- Cleansing diet and/or short-term fasting
- Herbal medicine & supplement protocol
- Physical therapeutics
- Relaxation routines
- Mental/emotional/spiritual exploration
May additionally include
-Heavy metal testing
-Food allergy testing
-B-12 injections
-Naturopathic care with appropriate physical exam and additional lab testing

How Can I Expect to Feel After?

- Improved overall health
- Toxin elimination and future avoidance of toxins
- Increased energy
- Sound sleep
- Easier weight management/possible weight loss

Consult a Naturopathic Physician for optimal result and safety through program monitoring.