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May 9, 2014

Earth Day Tips

Earth Day was last month, but we can celebrate Earth all year round! Here is a list of opportunities for eco-friendliness as we move into summer!

1) Eat fair trade chocolate, and support small farmers

2) Repupose empty tin cans as pencil holders or flower vases.  Visit
Search "tin can crafts."

3)  Donate your old electronics.  See for details.

4) Buy organic.  For a list of the "dirty dozen" (fruits and veggies with the more pesticides) view our dirty dozen blog

5) When shipping, pack goods in old newspapers, never styrafoam peanuts.

6)  Avoid single servings.  Buy large containers and pack your own.

7)  Use bars instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles.

8)  Make your own non-toxic cleaners.  Get recipes at

9)  Carry a stainless steel or glass water bottle.  Ty or

10)  Choose ECO friendly detergents such as Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid, and GrabGreen 3-in-One laundry Detergent Pods

11)  Place a bin next to the trash can and recycle all office paper.  And buy only recycled office paper.

12)  Stop junk mail.  Visit and

13)  Invest in solar-powered lamps.

14)  Use rechage-able, not disposable, batteries.

15) Bake in glass instead of metal, and lower the temperature by 25 degrees if possible.

16)  Choose cloth napkins, and towels.

17)  Choose "1" and "2" containers.  They are easier to recycle

18)  If renting a car during travels, choose a hybrid instead of a gas guzzler

19)  Buy produce in season.  Visit to find farmer's markets and fresh fruits and vegetables in your town

20)  Precycle:  buy only what you absolutely need.