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Jun 17, 2015

Pharmacy Products You May Need While Traveling

Products you may need while traveling this summer that we offer in the pharmacy include:

Keep your immune system in check many viruses are picked up on airplanes this is why Dr. Wiancek recommends the immune booster and anti-viral phytogen.

Protect yourself from ticks and mosquitoes with Bug Spray a natural insect repellent with citronella oil, pennyroyal oil, lavender oil and geranium oil.

All purpose salve great for cuts, scraps, bug bites, sunburn and it even prevent scars.

Arnica T-Relief for sprains and strains and sports injuries.

Optimal Health probiotic comes in a freeze dried pack made for traveling.

Organic sunscreen many of the chemicals in sunscreen can actually increase your risk for skin cancer.
Dr. Wiancek’s new and improved Optimal Health multiple vitamin now with the most absorbable vitamin K2.  This includes all your essential vitamins and minerals so no need to take anything else.

Optimal Health fish oil 3 grams with 2 capsules inexpensive and easy.

Buy 12 bottle of the Optimal Health multiple vitamin get 1 free.