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Jul 18, 2016

Should you take a multi-vitamin?

You should be taking a quality multiple vitamin because:

  • Our food is not as nutritious as it used to be.
  • Many people have a nutritional deficiency
    • 9/10 Americans are low in 1 or more of the following vitamins and minerals: magnesium, Vit. D, Vit. C, Vit. E, calcium and zinc.
  • We live in a toxic world, antioxidants in a quality multiple vitamin help clean toxins from the body and keep the liver functioning better.
  • Your energy could likely use a boost.
  • Your mood could be better
    • A multiple vitamin with B-vitamins,Vit. C and magnesium promotes calmness and supports a healthy mood.
  • A good multiple vitamin with Vit. A, C and E helps support healthy, radiant skin.
  • Your stressed out, stress depletes our B-Vitamins.
  • A multiple vitamin with Vit. D, calcium and magnesium can help maintain muscle strength and mobility.
  • A good multiple vitamin supports healthy aging.
  • If you are lactose intolerant you may be deficient in calcium and vitamin D.
  • You’re pregnant, of child bearing age or may become pregnant or are breast feeding.
  • To prevent osteoporosis all women should be taking calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C, boron, vitamin K, zinc and copper starting at 20 years of age or younger.
  • You have elevated homeocystein, a protein that may be related to an increased risk of coronary heart disease. 
    • Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and folic acid has been shown to prevent heart disease and lower homeocysteine levels.
  • You have had an intestinal condition such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome or chronic pancreatitis. All this conditions can interfere with nutrient absorption.
  • You’re on a weight reduction diet.
  • You’re a cancer patient 
    • you should be taking antioxidants.
  • You’re a strict vegetarian
    • you are probably lacking in Vitamin B12.
  • To reduce your risk of getting cancer. 
    • Harvard’s famous evaluation of 90,000 nurses for more than 15 years showed that multiple vitamins appeared to reduce the risk of colon and breast cancers.
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