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May 26, 2010

Increase Resistence to Antibiotics

According to the May 19th issue of the British Medical Journal resistance to antibiotics may last up to 12 months after taking an antiobiotic. In medical practices there are concerns that some common infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat and that illnesses due to antibiotic resistant bacteria may take longer to resolve. The study showed that longer duration of antibiotic use and multiple courses prescribed were associated with higher rates of resistance.

In the study, individuals prescribed an antibiotic for a respiratory or urinary infections developed bacterial resistance to that antibiotic which can last a month immediately after treatment but may persist for up to 12 months. This effect not only increases the population of resistant bacteria to first line antibiotics, but also creates the conditions for increased use of second line antibiotics.

This is why it is important to only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary. If you do not when you really need them they may not work. As naturopathic physicians we offer botanical medicines with antibacterial properties which are not resistent.

Deborah Wiancek, N.D.