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May 26, 2010

Natural Medicine & Diabetes

American Diabetes Association (ADA) that 24 million people in the US (8 per cent of the population) have diabetes and a further 75 million pre-diabetics, you have to wonder what the health care implications are. According to ADA health care costs amount to $116 billion in direct and $58 billion in indirect costs (disability, absenteeism etc). The result is a total health care burden of over $218 billion. With the prevalence of the disease increasing (13.5 per cent 2005-2007) year-on-year and expected to hit 44.1 million by 2034, we can expect healthcare costs to hit $336 billion.

To help manage the negative side effects of hyperglycaemia, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of natural products which offer physiological benefits specifically tailored to diabetics, pre-diabetics or related conditions such as metabolic syndrome. Studies are showing that many different supplements, vitamins and minerals along with botanical medicine and diet can effectively treat diabetes. We are currently offering a 4 week program to help you control your blood sugar. For more info please call the clinic at 970-926-7606.

Deborah Wiancek, N.D.