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Dec 13, 2011

Healthy Gift Choices for this Holiday Season!

With Christmas just around the corner everyone is busy trying to find that special gift.  So I came up with a few healthy gift choices for this Holiday season. 
One of my favorites is VitalChoice wild caught salmon from Alaska. Check out there web site at

A massage, craniosacral treatment or facial can be a great gift for the stressed out person.

After the holidays it's all about losing those extra pounds and getting back in shape so yoga or pilates gift cards are always a good idea.

For the person who loves herbal teas we carry many types of teas at the Riverwalk.  Our Cold & Flu tea and Relaxing tea are our #1 sellers.  We also carry licorice tea, ginger tea, lemon balm, skullcap, raspberry, fertility tea, nursing tea and tummy tea.  Stop by and check out what we offer.

Bath salts for the person who loves to relax in a tub.  We carry lavender bath salts, eucalyptus, rosemary bath salts, relaxing herbal blends and stimulating herbal blends.

Essential oils are always a nice gift such as lavender essential oil, eucalyptus and rosemary.  We also carry essential oil blends such as panic button, mountain morning, rose, love potion, and energize, tranquility, mellow mix, meditation and relaxation.

Cold and flu remedies can be great socking stuffers to keep your love ones healthy this winter such as phytogen, immune support, viralclear or mycoimmune.  Check out what we have to offer.

For the person with injuries or pain, acupuncture can be a very good gift.  It is also very relaxing.  

Books are also a good choice such as:
 - The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten
 - Feeding the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair
 - Feeding the Young Athlete, by Cynthia Lair
 - The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, by Jessica Black, ND
 - The Yoga Cookbook, by Sivananda Yoga Center
 - Moosewood Cookbook, by Mollie Katzen
 - Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Madsen
 - Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living, by Thomas Yarena
 - The Chopra Center Cookbook, by Deepak Chopra

The three pillars to optimal Health a good multiple vitamin, probiotics and omega three fatty acids.

Nuts and fruit instead of chocolate or cookies.

Organic skin care such as make-up, moisturizers or sunscreens.

A gift certificate at a healthy or organic restaurant.

Home-made granola without the sugar.

Remember health is priceless so let's not take it for grated.  Have a healthy holiday!

Dr. Wiancek is naturopathic physician who has been practices at the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic & Natural Pharmacy in Edwards, Colorado.  For questions you can e-mail her at or call at 970-926-7606, web-site, or for the latest research in natural medicine see our blog at