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Aug 6, 2014

New Association to Accredit Healthy Destination

The recently launched Institute for Health Destination Accreditation, currently comprising six U.S. resort hotels as founding members, is working to help evaluate hotels as “healthy travel destinations” based on a science-based certification process.  Health nut or not, if you’re in the market for a health-focused travel destination, this newly formed association may be able to help you find what you’re looking for.
“Our mission is to be the trusted source for both travel destinations and consumers, including business travelers, seeking the best possible healthy guest experience,” IHDA cofounder and Chief Science Officer Mary Ellen Rose said in a statement.  “Offering consumers a portfolio of destinations committed to the healthy guest experience is one of the many ways we are creating the health and wellness standard in hospitality.”

The association hopes that promoting and certifying hotel health and wellness programs will encourage travelers to make healthier lifestyle choices beyond the dates of their stay.  Alex Cha, IHDA membership sales coordinator, wrote in a blog post. “Healthy travel options tend to extend outwardly to attract guests, but they can also take root at the resort itself where opportunities for educating guests on the value of a healthy lifestyle can come in many forms.  That healthy knowledge learned at the resort can continue long after the guest has left the destination and returned home.”