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Feb 1, 2016


Dr.Wiancek is now offering Bowen therapy work, a therapy that proves excellent results with subtle manipulation to the body. Bowenwork is a gentle manual therapy that works through the autonomic nervous system to reset the body to heal itself. Bowenwork does wonders for anyone- safe from infants to elderly, with asthma, acute or chronic pain in the back, neck, knees or shoulders. Bowenwork will put your body back in alignment from everyday stress or people suffering with injury. Bowen technique addresses the whole body through the autonomic nervous system.

Thomas Bowen, born 1916 in Australia, is the founder of Bowenwork. The therapy began due to his love of sports, he began massaging football players with injuries after games. He developed his distinctive technique through continuous experimentation, mainly by working on the back problems of his colleagues. By the early 1950’s, his wife was hospitalized several time with serve asthma. He developed a soft-tissue manipulation procedure for it, with that and a diet he formulated her asthma was kept under control. In 1957, he began treating people at the home of friends and eventually quit his day job and did his therapy full time. Bowen therapy work is nearly 60 years old and has held the test of time to help patients all over the world become free of pain!

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