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Mar 7, 2016

The 4 Pillars of Optimal Health

In today's world "health" has become such a buzzword that it can be difficult to decide what supplements you should even be taking. Grocery stores, health food stores, the internet; they are all filled with the "best vitamin" or the new fad diet that will make you drop 2 sizes in a week. What we need to be focusing on are the 4 pillars of optimal health. Most supplements will vary dependent on the person, but there are 4 things every person, no matter how healthy you are, should be taking daily. Even high quality and balanced diets need to be supplemented with the nutritional groups constituting of the 4 pillars of optimal health because they are either chronically under supplied or absent in the diet. All of the products at Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic and Pharmacy are high quality, lab-tested, doctor grade products and are hand selected by Dr.Deborah Wiancek N.D. to ensure that there are no added sugars, dyes or preservatives. Be aware that just because something is sold in a health store, etc does not mean that the product is automatically good quality. Some fish oils can contain mercury, multi-vitamins can contain extremely low doses of important vitamins and minerals and many products are being adulterated and have false ingredients on the labels. Be sure to buy from a trusted brand and do your research!

The 4 Pillars of Optimal Health
        1. High Potency Multiple Vitamins- Formulated by Dr.Wiancek these multivitamins contain:
·         1,000mg of Calcium citrate- the most absorbable calcium available to help prevent osteoporosis.
·         2,000IU or Vitamin D3- protects us from developing osteoporosis.
·         400IU of Vitamin E- natural blood thinner, protects us from heart disease and all kinds of cancers.
·         1,000mg of Vitamin C- protects us from the common cold because of it’s anti-viral effects.
·         15,000IU of Vitamin A- protects us from all kinds of cancer and helps keep our skin healthy.
·         100mcg Selenium- protects us from all kinds of cancers, including prostate cancer.
·         30mg of Zinc- protects us from colds and all kinds of cancers, including prostate cancer.
·         Other vitamins and minerals included: Folic acid 800mcg, Vitamin K 150mcg, Vitamin B12 100mcg, Biotin 300mcg, Pantothenic acid 70mg, Magnesium citrate 500mg, Copper 1mg, Manganese 15mg, Chromium 100mcg, Potassium 50mg, Boron 2mg, Molybdenum 50mcg, Vanadium 20mcg, Choline 70mg, Inositol 70mg.
·         No Iron, why? A study comparing coronary heart disease patients with health, age matched controls, found women older than 60 had a 3.5 fold increase in CHD risk for every 50mg of iron consumed per month over 250mg. The lesson here is to take iron supplements only when you need them.
2. Antioxidants- Our multiple vitamin contains vitamins A,D,E,C and Selenium which are all very powerful antioxidants.
3. Omega 3's- Good for memory, heart, skin, neurological problems, and inflammation. Many people are deficient in Omega 3, we have pharmaceutical grade Omega 3’s with a very high dosage.
4. Probiotics- Protect us from bacteria and parasites that are in a lot of things we come in contact with on a daily basis. They also strengthen our immune system and ward off cold and the flu.