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Mar 21, 2016

Happy (Healthy) Easter!

Easter is a beautiful holiday, with the arrival of spring we should be treating our bodies right, not loading them with toxic dyes and sugars. Dying eggs with children is an Easter past-time that will never get old! But sadly, many people do not think about the negative side effects of these dyes. Most people have some type of allergy to red and yellow dyes. These artificial dyes are extremely toxic and we should try to eliminate them completely from our diet (they are also found in Gatoraide, strawberry milk, Maraschino cherries; the list goes on). Don't fret, we aren't advising you to ditch the tradition altogether, the mommypotamus has perfected some vegetable dyes that kids and adults alike will love! Check out her article on naturally dying Easter eggs. And if you're looking to make your eggs a little bit snazzier, check out this video, which demonstrates how to add flower prints to your eggs!

Easter and sweets go together hand in hand, below are some of our favorite healthy sweet treats!

Dark chocolate macaroons- with only 5 ingredients this recipe is simple, yet delicious.
Dark chocolate nut brittle- rich in protein and antioxidants 
Red wine chocolate truffles-chocolate and wine, what's not to love?