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Jan 27, 2014

February is National Heart Health Month!

Love, Relationships, Family and The Heart

February is national heart health month with Valentine’s Day on February 14th signifying love, relationships, family and the heart.  With all this celebration centering on the heart I would like to discuss how we can take better care of our heart given that cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in U.S. adults.

Heart disease should be a concern no matter what your age given that I see high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis in children today.  Yet, the majority of cardiovascular disease is preventable and treatable with dietary changes, physical activity and targeted nutritional supplementation.  Lifestyle interventions along with supplementation have a broader benefit than pharmaceuticals because they address the dysfunctions that underlie chronic disease rather than treating the symptoms.

In treating cardiovascular disease everyone is different since there are many causes such as stress, insulin resistance, inflammation and obesity etc. This is why an individual approach is best.