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Jan 27, 2014

Fish Oil and Prevention of Fatty Liver Disease

"DHA benefits healthy organ function

mainly the brain, heart, and liver."

It is estimated that twenty five percent of the United State’s population have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. According to new studies however, fish oil has an even more significant impact on the prevention of fatty liver disease than prior knowledge. DHA is a constituent of omega 3 fatty acids mostly found in fish oil. DHA benefits healthy organ function, mainly the brain, heart, and liver. 

Scientists from Oregon State University conducted an analysis on “metabolomics”, one of the first of its type to study how metabolites reflect the biological effects of omega-3 fatty acids on the liver. This study also covered the effects of the “western diet” on the liver as this diet is namely low in omega-3 consumption.

The study found that surprisingly, many biological pathways were benefited when DHA supplementation was included in the diet. This includes a decrease in inflammation, The results surrounding the focus of this study were also statistically significant.

As research surrounding the prevention of fatty liver disease has remained controversial, these new findings on DHA are contributing greatly to this area of study. One researcher stated “DHA supplementation reduced the proteins involved in liver fibrosis by more than 65 percent”. This evidence supports much research to follow on the prevention of fatty liver disease progression

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