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Jan 27, 2014

5 Ideas for Gluten-free Snacking

“Healthy” and “snacking” can be tough words to use together, especially when your favorite food groups are sweets and pizza.

Here are five snacking ideas easily found at the grocery store that will leave you satisfied and happy, and of course gluten-free.

1.       GF crackers- crackers can be derived from many different foods such as baked apple chips, sweet potatoes, kale, or nuts. Try Nutiva Raw Coconut Chips- also delicious as dessert

2.     Frozen grapes (pictured above)- freezing fruit provides a refreshing alternative for snackers who love sweets. Choosing whole fruit options are also a great way to avoid reading food labels for ingredients.

3.      Roasted chickpeas- another whole food option. Chickpeas are a great source of protein and are a very versatile choice. Add spices after roasting such as curry powder, curcumin, basil, thyme, oregano , or cracked pepper

4.      Rice cakes with almond/sunflower/peanut butter. This option is great for on the go as it is quick to prepare and does not require utensils to eat. * Be sure to read labels on spreads as they may contain additional allergy information about facility cross contamination during production.

5.      Snack bars. KIND is a company that specializes in fruit and nut bars. Choose from a wide variety of choices as they are all gluten-free.

An easy way to avoid gluten is to avoid grain based products all together. This can be easy when whole foods are the base of the snack such as fruits and vegetables, which are naturally gluten free.