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Jan 13, 2014

Obesity and Cardiovascular Health

"Keep you and your valentine's hearts healthy."

Until recently the association between obesity and coronary heart disease (CHD) seemed to be indirect. In recent years however, according to the American Heart Association these chronic diseases not only have increased in incidence but also are both caused by the same environmental precursors. As genes do contribute to a percentage of obesity cases, most along with CHD are inhibited by an increase in high fat and calorie intake, and a decrease in energy exertion through exercise. As BMI increases the number of instances of other factors increase as well. These include hypertension, low HDL levels, an impaired glucose tolerance, several other forms of heart disease, and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Studies suggest that little amounts of dietary and exercise changes at a time can dramatically improve a healthy weight and heart. 

Here are some general nutritional recommendations for cardiovascular disease prevention 
9 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease
1.  Alcohol in moderation 1-2 glasses, 2-3 times a wk
2.  Exercise 1 hr 5 x a week
3.  Eat more veggies
4.  Monitor blood pressure
5.  Increase Omega 3 Fatty acids
6.  Consume less dairy and meat
7.  Eliminate tobacco
8.  Check cholesterol
9.  Maintain a healthy weight

A good resource for additional information on specific diet strategies such as DASH, low-carb, and the Mediterranean diet read here:

Consult with your healthcare provider about what measures are appropriate in achieving your ideal weight as there are variations between individuals.  

For more information please read: